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All About Plant Care When Going on Vacation

Going on vacation somewhere abroad or at least out of town is an excellent way to relieve everyday stress and enjoy new pastime activities. Your houseplants, however, might not enjoy the time of your absence as much. This article offers a backup care plan to ensure that your green pets stay alive and thrive even if you are miles away.

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Best Plants for Some Color

Green is the most common color plants tend to dress themselves in, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re on the hunt for something to liven up your garden or windowsill, check out these rebellious standouts that aren’t afraid to make a vibrant statement.

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Revolutionizing the Front Yard: Ecological Lawn Alternatives

Who knew lawns could be troublemakers? They may seem harmless at first, but these green patches can actually wreak havoc on the environment. Maintaining them means using loads of water, fertilizers, and pesticides that harm our buzzing buddies, the bees. And what do you get in return?

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An Easy How-To Guide on Preserving Mushrooms

You’ve come home from a fruitful mushroom hunt with a full basket, but what’s next? You need to sort your finds, clean, and prepare them for storage. While this may sound like a lot of work, you’ll be surprised how easy it is after reading this article!

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Go Pesticide-Free With Plantum

Pesticide use is usually unavoidable when it comes to producing plentiful crop harvests reliably. However, it also presents a grave danger to the environment that is, more often than not, severely under-addressed by manufacturers and governing bodies.

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The Secret to Colorful Succulents

Ever wondered why succulents of the same species can differ so much in color? Or maybe you once brought home a vibrant succulent only to have it become green soon after? The secret ingredient is a little bit of stress.

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The Art of Herbarium

Those leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, and even small sticks are more than just a bunch of dried plants mounted on paper. They’re a gateway to the diverse flora of different regions and an invaluable botanical tool when it comes to logging new species, and exchanging data with peers.

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Low-Budget Plant Parenting

Is caring for your green babies taking a toll on your finances? If so, we’re here to help! Read our tips on how to plant-parent on a budget.

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Mother’s Day Activities for Plant Lovers

In most parts of the world, the second Sunday in May is saved to cherish and pamper mothers. But don’t move on from this article just yet if your country chooses to spoil moms at a different time! After all, doesn’t spending quality time together become even more enjoyable if it comes without ​​rhyme or reason? If your mom happens to have a green thumb, here are six ways to bring a vibrant twist to her weekend and surprise your one and only plant lady.

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How to Repot Succulents Correctly

Succulents are generally known as undemanding plants in terms of care, especially watering. However, certain procedures can’t be overlooked, such as repotting. While it may sound straightforward, replanting a succulent requires specific knowledge.

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N-P-K Ratio and How to Use It

Are you having trouble understanding your plants, as if they’re communicating in a language you can’t comprehend? Well, no need to worry about that any longer because today we’ll unlock the mystery of the N-P-K ratio and help you keep your plants healthy and thriving.

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Easter Plants: What Do They Mean?

No other season represents the rebirth of nature better than spring—the time of year when all flowers burst into bloom. Some of these spring miracles have grown to be associated with Easter, and each of them has their own meaning and message.

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All About Terrariums and Vivariums

Most of our green pets are native to the tropics and require high humidity which can be a hassle to maintain. In this case, terrariums can be the perfect solution.

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How to Arrange Houseplants—a Room by Room Guide

Houseplants have been having a Renaissance in the past several years, with green beauties finding their homes all over the world. But while they add a touch of personality and make spaces more cozy and inviting, they can become a headache if placed randomly. Sounds confusing? Then keep reading to discover the best species for every room in your house.

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Carnivorous Plant Care 101

Before buying any plant, it’s crucial to consider its natural conditions and think whether you’ll be able to provide it with adequate care. This is particularly important when bringing your first carnivorous plant home, as they can be pretty fussy and demanding. But worry no more—this comprehensive guide will help you provide your brutal greenery with just the right amount of love and care it needs!

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Crafting the Ideal Potting Mix for Your Plant

The recipe for your green pet’s well-being is based on several ingredients—and soil composition is one of the main ones. Why learn about it when you could just buy a commercial potting mix? First of all, after you get acquainted with the basics of soil composition, you’ll be able to prepare the perfect growing medium for any plant. This practice will save you a ton of money, as ingredients are usually cheaper than a pre-made growing medium. Moreover, you can store and reuse the leftovers and directly control what goes into the mix.

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A Bright Roundup of Nature’s Victories in 2023

In the fast-paced world we live in, let’s slow down and take a moment to appreciate what our planet has accomplished. Every year has its ups and downs, but let’s end 2023 on a good note by reading about some of the best plant-related news.

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Top Interesting Facts About the Christmas Tree

For many people, Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays, and while we may think we know everything about it, there’s so much about this magical event that still can leave us speechless. Read this article and surprise your friends with these unusual facts!

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How to Make Your Carved Pumpkin Last Longer

Do you want your carved pumpkin to spook your neighbors weeks after (or before?) Halloween? Follow these simple steps to make your orange masterpiece last longer.

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Plants With Spooky Names

Halloween season is a fitting time to get to know the supernatural dwellers of the plant world. Is there more to how these plants’ names sound, or are they spooky in name only? Let’s find out.

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Top 10 Edible Fall-Season Mushrooms

This year’s morel-hunting season is long over, but fret not—fall is finally here, and with it comes the best time for picking wild mushrooms! Get your foraging gear ready, watch for rainy weather, and don’t forget to bring Plantum along with you to help identify these 10 seasonal delights.

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Must-See Botanical Gardens in Europe

Summer is almost here, and nature is at its peak! Don’t miss the chance to check out a botanical garden nearby, or if you happen to be traveling in Europe, see their local, natural wonders. Here’s a list of just some of the most amazing living museums across Europe.

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Plants to Help You Survive Summer Heat

Summer is finally here, which means nature is taking the front stage, but so is the sun. If it’s starting to get a little too hot or you live in a warm climate in general, air conditioners and fans are great for the heat, but did you know plants can also help keep you cool? They release evaporated water and provide shade, keeping the environment cooler! Сheck out some of these natural coolants that can take on the heat or go exploring in our app!

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Summer Pests and Diseases

If you constantly feel bothered by bugs crawling all over you and your belongings in summer, imagine how your plants must be feeling! Summer is the prime time for active growth for both plants and their worst enemies—pests. What is even worse, they carry nasty plant diseases, hindering your enjoyment of the summer garden. Here’s a list of pests and diseases you should be wary of this season.

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The Shopper’s Guide to Picking Healthy Plants

of treatment, it requires thoroughness, time, and patience, all without the guarantee of the plant surviving through the ordeal. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the best way to honor this saying is to put it into practice from the very start—that is, before you even purchase a plant. What should you be on the lookout for to ensure that your new green pal is happy and healthy from the get-go?

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Mother’s Day Flower Ideas

Motherhood has always been synonymous with springtime and plants, as the two represent life and fertility. So, a Mother’s Day would be incomplete without a beautiful flower present. Here’s our guide about what flowers are the best to give as gifts, as well as the meaning behind different colors to make your mom’s day just as special and unique as she is.

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Mushroom Foraging 101

Have you ever wanted to pick wild mushrooms but didn’t know where to start? It’s understandable—foraging is far from the easiest activity, requiring skill and extensive knowledge of the environment to be done safely and productively. Learning from an experienced forager is the best way to go about becoming familiar with it, and we are not looking to replace that. Instead, this guide will outline the first steps you should take on your mushroom-hunting journey.

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Spring-Planted Bulbs to Liven Up Your Garden

As winter gives up its rights to spring, it’s time to think about your garden. Bring life to your backyard with the help of brilliant spring-planted bulbs. By summer, they’ll turn into vivacious flowers, providing your garden with a burst of color and form. Gorgeous and easy to maintain, spring-planted bulbs suit both amateur and experienced gardeners.

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Moving Seedlings Into Open Ground

After putting a fair amount of effort into starting seeds indoors, the next step is to give them a relatively permanent home outside. You’ll want to time this transition perfectly and make it as easy on the greenery as possible.

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Find Out Why Your Flowering Plants Aren’t Blooming

Seeing plants fail to produce blooms is a common gardening disappointment. While some varieties just need a bit more time to produce their first buds, others may be healthy but still not flower. This can happen for various reasons, some of which are under our control and some are not. In this article, we will discuss the top five causes of a lack of blooms in plants.

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Celebrate Earth Day With Plantum!

Growing plants is considered an eco-friendly hobby, but there can be some pitfalls as well. We’ve prepared this guide to help you avoid them and make your contribution to the local environment. Let’s start with the basics—the growing medium.

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All About Humidifiers

We’re often told humidity is important for plants, but having it at optimal levels can benefit not only your green pets but also the whole household. Unless you live in the tropics, humidity tends to be lower indoors, so a humidifier is a must, especially if you use air conditioners and heaters or live in a dry climate. This device will help your tropical plants thrive and minimize the side effects of eczema, asthma, sinus infection, chapped lips, and even stop your dry wallpaper from peeling. So it’s a win-win for you and your green friends. Let’s take a look at how these thingamajigs work.

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Flowers of the World

Sometime ago, we decided that other than flags and anthems, countries should also have their national floral emblems. And although they might be popular and known around the world, every country has its unique flora that deserves admiration. Here are just a few of these international representatives and their stories.

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Can I Grow Plants Without Soil?

Growing plants in anything but soil is called hydroponics. It’s an alternative approach to gardening and home horticulture. How does hydroponics benefit amateur plant lovers? Are there any drawbacks? And what options are there? Read on and find out!

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Plant Care Myths

Welcome to the Internet: a vast space of knowledge and horrifying plant tips. It seems everyone who writes about plants has their best interests at heart; who doesn’t want their green pets to be healthy and beautiful? But some of these eye-grabbing, head-scratching headlines and quirky ‘hacks’ can hack away at your plant’s life, or at the very least, give them a bad time. We hope this insight will help dispel some of those myths.

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Indoor Jungle

When you’re constantly surrounded by the concrete jungle of skyscrapers and highways, doesn’t it seem tempting to create a hideaway with plants? Imagine sipping a homemade margarita surrounded by large-leaved plants, feeling like you’re on a trip somewhere in the Amazon. Sounds cool, right?

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Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park

Would you believe it if someone told you the deepest lake in the US is also one of the cleanest and ‘bluest’ on Earth? Well, you should! Of course, seeing is believing. So, from July to mid-September, put on your hiking boots and prepare for an adventure at Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park.

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Help Your Plants and Pets Coexist Happily

If you have plants and pets in your house, you’ve probably already faced the problem of keeping them apart. Unfortunately, many houseplants are toxic to cats, dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Even if your fluffy isn’t interested in chewing on fleshy leaves, it can dig in soil or accidentally ingest poisonous pollen.

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Misting 101

Have you always dreaded misting because of its confusing rules? When to mist, what kind of plant even needs misting, and how to do it correctly? These are just a few questions that come to mind. One thing we know for sure is that you need to take different aspects into consideration before giving your plant the first spray.

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Easter Plant Decorations

Not a single holiday can do without floral decorations, but Easter is probably the one that needs them most. There are many more ways to spruce up the holiday table using flowers. Turn Easter preparations from a complicated chore into an exciting creative process with these 5 ideas!

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Best Plants for Your Office

Let’s face it: office life can be tough. Sitting in front of your computer for hours on end, focusing on your next task, can make you lose touch with the outside world. Why not add a natural touch to your office?

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5 Aromatic Herbs for Your Windowsill Garden

There is no need to live somewhere in the Mediterranean region to have aromatic herbs growing in your garden. You can arrange a few nice-looking pots or containers on your windowsill and rub your fingers on basil or rosemary every time you walk past them.

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Natural vs Artificial Lighting

Providing your plants with proper lighting is one of the most important yet challenging factors, especially if your indoor garden has exotic plants. Read below to learn about the pros and cons of every type of light and how to combine them effectively.

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Growing Seeds Indoors: Common Mistakes

Spring is the perfect time to start growing seeds indoors. Once your tiny seed transforms into a strong seedling, it’ll be ready to get transplanted to the garden. But growing seedlings at home can be challenging, especially for novice gardeners.

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A Guide to Self-Watering Systems

You’ve probably already heard of plant self-watering systems as being the solution to all these problems. However, one question remains—should you actually use any of them?

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Heat Stress in Plants

When warm weather arrives, you might think this is what your plants have been waiting for. Which is partially true, as most plants require sufficient warmth and light to thrive. The optimal temperature ranges for most plants are between 59 and 85°F (15 and 29°C). However, higher temperatures may slow down plant growth, lead to serious stress, and even kill your plants.

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A Guide to Choosing the Best Pot for Your Plant

There comes a time in any plant parent’s life when you start wondering “Is it time to repot?” This question tends to scare most plant enthusiasts, as there are a lot of factors you should take into account and consider before you actually start repotting: the season, the state of the plant itself, types of growing mediums, as well as what kind of pot to pick.

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Plants You May Come Across in Arizona Desert

Just imagine: you are driving through the desert, your hair flowing in the wind. Wouldn’t it be nice to shut off the engine and feast your eyes upon the hardy Arizona flora, brave enough to live in such harsh conditions?

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Soil pH Explained

Even though we may not usually give it much attention, “soil pH” is a word combination we see on growing medium packaging, in soil requirements for nearly each plant, and in care guides online. In this insight, we explain what it is, the types there are, which plants prefer a certain kind, how to test pH, as well as how to alter it if necessary.

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Is Your Water Good for Your Plants?

It’s one thing to learn how to water your plants—checking soil moisture, sticking to a schedule, and adjusting for dormancy are all skills that take time to hone. However, the type of water you give to your plants can also affect their wellbeing. Is regular tap water good enough or should you pick out the purest type out there?

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