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Plants to Help You Survive Summer Heat

Summer is finally here, which means nature is taking the front stage, but so is the sun. If it’s starting to get a little too hot or you live in a warm climate in general, air conditioners and fans are great for the heat, but did you know plants can also help keep you cool? They release evaporated water and provide shade, keeping the environment cooler!

Сheck out some of these natural coolants that can take on the heat or go exploring in our app!

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a superhero in the plant world. Not only is it useful in treating sunburns but also provides an effective tool for cooling your house down and cleaning the air from formaldehyde.

Sword fern

Ferns are well known for their humidifying properties. And the sword fern is no exception. Even more so, it is the best of its kind. Like aloe vera, the sword fern is a potent purifying agent able to remove volatile organic compounds from the air.

Spider plant

The spider plant has gained enormous popularity among novice plant-lovers. Even those who often kill cacti will find it easy to take care of it. In return, they will get aesthetic pleasure and humidified cooled air.

Areca palm

Though the areca palm occupies quite a lot of space, it is still deeply loved by plant fanciers. And righty so. It is good not only at cooling your house off, but also at getting rid of benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene.

Peace lily

The larger the leaf surface is, the more oxygen the plant can release. The peace lily has lush foliage that allows it to effectively cool the air and reduce toxins.

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