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5 Aromatic Herbs for Your Windowsill Garden

There is no need to live somewhere in the Mediterranean region to have aromatic herbs growing in your garden. You can arrange a few nice-looking pots or containers on your windowsill and rub your fingers on basil or rosemary every time you walk past them.

Growing herbs is no rocket science, and you will always have something to add to your dishes and amaze your guests. Here are a few undemanding herbs you can start with.


Let’s start with something everyone knows well—basil. This aromatic herb is an ideal pairing for tomatoes (and mozzarella!), and it is extremely easy to grow indoors. A few pro tips: basil loves nutrient-rich soil, prefers to stay warm and well-lit, needs regular watering, and hates low temperatures and drafts. So your best bet is to place it on a southern or western windowsill, where the plant will get plenty of sunlight. Keep in mind that getting a constant supply of fresh aromatic basil requires sowing new seeds once every few weeks and removing older stems to let new foliage grow. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh pesto at all times!

Lemon balm

Melissa is another candidate to add to your windowsill garden. If you are a tea-lover, this herb is just for you. Closely related to Mentha, it has a distinctive citrus aroma that dissipates rather quickly but is nevertheless quite exquisite. A sunny spot on your windowsill, well-draining soil, and rather moderate watering are your best strategies for growing Melissa. Keep in mind, however, that this plant does not appreciate sitting with its feet wet and will be more understanding if you occasionally forget to water it than if you do it too enthusiastically.


Rosemary is a must for fish lovers. It is also a perfect addition to chicken, pork, lamb, soups, and potatoes. This herb’s aroma brings back memories of the sea and the sun, so when you run your fingers through this plant’s needled leaves, you will be reminded of summer holidays and travels. Rosemary is good to have at home to repel insects, and it makes any room smell pleasant. Moreover, it is not finicky about growing conditions and adapts well almost everywhere. You will not have any problems with this herb at all. Just don’t forget to water it.


If you are a lover of Italian, Mexican, Central American, and Middle Eastern cuisines, you should definitely plant oregano. Perfect for soups, stews, pizza, and meat, this herb can be cut to prepare any meal. Oregano loves hot, dry, and sunny places, so your east- or south-facing window will be perfect for this plant. Choose well-draining soil and water this herb regularly but not excessively. Yet, keep in mind that oregano has a slightly weedy nature, so if you don’t limit its growing potential, it’ll occupy all your windowsill space.

Bay laurel

This herb may not be an obvious choice for your windowsill garden; however, don’t dismiss it at once. It will remind you of the Mediterranean and provide you with flavorful leaves for your meat dishes and various sauces. You can also dry the leaves for storage (the older the leaves, the stronger their flavor). Secure an east- or west-facing window, choose a well-draining nutrient-rich medium, and stick to a regular watering schedule. Bay laurel is a very slow grower, so don’t expect it to get taller by a few feet every month. But it still is a good thing for your windowsill garden.

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