Want Your Room to Smell Delicious? Plant These Beauties!

It’s hard to imagine what we would do without plants: they humidify the air, help overcome anxiety, give visual pleasure, and, on top of it all, can act as natural air fresheners. A number of plants give off a delicious smell, so pay special attention to them next time you go to your beloved plant shop.

Jasminum polyanthum

The white jasmine is a coiling vine with small star-shaped white (or sometimes pink) flowers. They have a sharp smell that evokes fond memories carrying you away to warm summer days and long walks in the park.

Stephanotis floribunda

This dark glossy-leaved and white-flowered plant will fill any room with a powerful sweet aroma that will make your guests ask what air freshener you use.

Eucalyptus cinerea

The eucalyptus tree emits a minty aroma, which has an uplifting effect and lightens the mood. Besides, with its unique smoky blue-green foliage, eucalyptus will vividly contrast your other houseplants, thus creating a striking visual effect.

Brugmansia candida

This orchestra of a plant has numerous large downward-facing flowers that come in a rainbow of bright colors. In the evenings, this plant releases a powerful scent that can fill big rooms. However, don’t let this handsome sweet-smelling flower fool you. It’s highly toxic, so you’d better be careful when handling it.

Lavandula angustifolia

This purple spiked beauty is deeply revered by all nature enthusiasts. And it’s quite natural: with so many health and home benefits, this flower deserves to take the most conspicuous place in any house.

Take good care of these cuties, provide them with appropriate amounts of light and water – and they will give you a lot in return.

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