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New Year—New Garden: Upcoming Trends in 2023

Are you a plant fashionista? Why not quench your aesthetic thirst with new gardening trends? If you want to stay on top of your plant game, you need to be a visionary! Take a sneak peek at our gardening trend predictions for 2023, and who knows, maybe you’ll get inspired to set your own trend?

Vertical Garden

If you don’t have enough floor space to expand your home garden, go vertical! Fill out a brand new plant shelf with luscious tropical beauties. You’ll love a combination of a tall shelf with pendant foliage of Peperomia, Tradescantia, or Epipremnum plants.

Rainbow Collection

New year—new plants! Expand your collection with more rare species that will enliven your living space with a burst of color: Aglaonema, Kalanchoe, Fittonia, Sansevieria trifasciata, and Anthurium andraeanum.

Home Bouquets

No more last-minute shopping for dates; why spend money on retail flowers when you can have your own homegrown bouquets? First, you need to find a free spot in your garden that receives enough sunlight during the day and isn’t exposed to harsh winds. Select flowering plants that have a long blooming period, for example, asters, daffodils, peonies, daisies, tulips, and Zinnia.

Indoor Trees

Believe it or not, but home forests are the new black of interior design! Realize your dreams of becoming a Disney princess and have your own forest to hang out and isolate from the rest of the world. Fan palms, olive and Citrus trees are ideal for this.

Renovated Garden

Going organic has been on top of everybody’s agenda since forever, but applying it to gardening hasn’t gotten really popular yet. Natural stone garden walkways need to become a common trend! You can explore different styles like Japanese shin go. This way, you’ll add an artistic touch to your garden and have more pleasure strolling along the new pathway.

Plant Minimalism

Compact plants are a love at first sight for many plant enthusiasts. You can fill your indoor space with as many attractive minimalistic plants as you can. To achieve this, you can either buy small plants like pincushions and Sedums or remove the bottom leaves of your average-sized houseplants. This will boost more top growth and make the plant look neat and compact.

New 2023 will be a splendid year of adventure and discovery for plant lovers. Venture into the unknown world of gardening trends and start the year with renovating: maybe some of them will be a love at first sight for you?

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