How to Choose a Pumpkin for Halloween

Pumpkins are what makes Halloween Halloween. So unless you want to have your holiday spoiled and your money wasted, you should know how to pick the perfect pumpkin for the fright of October 31st.


Whether you want to decorate your porch, or home, opt for the pumpkins of the Halloween variety or any other hard-shelled pumpkins. When you carve, their shell sort of โ€œchipps offโ€, which means that your pumpkin will not wither or lose its shape even with a candle burning inside. Such a pumpkin will be a source of frightening delight for you as well as for guests and passers-by for hours. When choosing a pumpkin, make sure the tail is dry and the shell has no visible damage. Go for the brightest orange pumpkin for your jack-oโ€™-lantern โ€“ it will produce brighter light.


Crookneck squashes look like alien creatures with a huge number of lumps, bumps, and lineations. Even Plantum has difficulties with recognizing it; though, it easily identifies exotic plants. This gourd is native to Mexico, where it is dried and used as cups for traditional yerba mate tea. These pumpkins have little flesh. By cutting off the top of such a pumpkin, you can make small candlesticks. And if you are a sustainable consumption adept who cares much about the environment, you can dry the pumpkin in the oven and use it as a candlestick for years to come, or you can turn it into an element of house decor.


None of these pumpkins are good for cooking. Technically, they can be cooked, but most likely, you will end up with something bitter, or vice versa, tasteless. If you want to make a fall pie or soup, opt for the butternut squash. It has a very thin skin, and its flesh is soft and tender. It is fast and easy to cook and has a prominent, sugary taste.

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