Christmas Gifts for Plant Lovers

It’s already the middle of December, so you can’t put Christmas shopping on ice anymore!

Be prepared for the holidays with our top 6 presents for plant lovers. From traditional Christmas plants to DIY kits—find the perfect gift for your plant-obsessed friend, no matter what your budget is.

Wild Creations by Hilton Carter

Hilton Carter, a plant and interior stylist, knows everything about creating an indoor jungle, a recent hot trend. It’s the perfect guidance for anybody who’s dreaming about bringing a little wildlife to their home. There are no plant-obsessed people who would mind having this book as a fascinating coffee table read even if they don’t want to turn their apartment or house into a jungle themselves.

Christmas Plant

Of course, we couldn’t imagine this list of gift ideas without plants! Here are the top 3 plants that represent Christmas and can get anybody into the holiday spirit!

  • Norfolk Island Pine. One of the common names for this plant is the living Christmas tree. And yet, it doesn’t tolerate frosts and can’t thrive outdoors in many climate zones but grows well in pots. The long-lasting plant is perfect for people who don’t have enough space for a large Christmas tree but still want to feel the holiday atmosphere.
  • Christmas сactus. This plant blooms around Christmas, hence the common name that almost makes you hear the Christmas sleigh bells. Hardy and long-lasting, the cactus is a great gift even for novice gardeners. You can give it to a person who has been dreaming about an indoor garden for years but never knew where to start.
  • Poinsettia. This Christmas symbol is as significant as the Christmas tree itself. You can see it in most movies dedicated to the holiday. Showy bright-red flowers among dark-green leaves make the Poinsettia stand out. Mind you, the plant’s sap is poisonous, so it’s not recommended for people with small children or pets.

Plant Pot Cover

Plant pot covers make each plant special and can match any interior. You can buy some cute ones in floral shops. Alternatively, use your imagination to make a one-of-a-kind gift yourself. Take a useful tip—white knitted plant pot covers match Christmas decor perfectly.

Pottery Kit

It’s a fantastic gift for any DIY enthusiast. An impressive boost for creativity, a pottery kit is also extremely useful. Plant lovers can create cute little pots for succulents using only quality materials. Modern manufacturers promise they’re waterproof. Encourage the recipient of your present to read the label thoroughly, and they won’t be disappointed with the result! In addition, pottery is a calming sensory experience that practically everybody needs by the end of the year.

Plant Propagation Station

Sooner or later, every plant aficionado tries to grow a new plant from a cutting. Help your friend, family member, or colleague make this process even more gratifying by giving them a plant propagation station. It’s a simple and elegant creative decoration, so a gardener can enjoy the beauty of the plant even before it roots. A propagation station is a glass flask in a wooden frame. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be either placed on horizontal surfaces or hung on the wall.

Watering Can

Even a basic tool can become an exquisite gift. Try to find one with a long sprout, as it allows a gardener to water the plant at the base, preventing the drops from getting on the vegetative parts. Any plant lover would be glad to have a tool worth displaying. Helpful and beautiful, what more do you need for a good gift?

Merry Xmas!

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