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Beware of These 5 Pests in Fall

Did you think that the great pest war was over since summer is no more? Unfortunately, some bug species become especially active during fall. You have to be alert and prepared to strike back at those annoying pests that want to take a bite out of your precious plants.

Here are 5 main insects you’re likely to encounter this season:


Fall is the busiest season for bees, as they begin to prepare for winter by collecting nutrients from nectar flowers. However, bees are beneficial insects, so you don’t need to worry about them hurting your plants. Just be sure to avoid them, and you’ll have a happy, sting-free fall.


Just like bees, beetles are preparing for their winter hibernation. They usually gather in warm places, so if you start noticing them around your indoor plants, it’s time to take action. Check your walls, doors, and baseboard for any cracks or gaps. Apply specially formulated insecticides around these areas to keep beetles out of your home.

Box-elder bugs

Box-elder bugs inhabit trees like ashes and maples. As winter approaches, they may seek refuge in the safety of your home. Treat your outdoor trees with a specially formulated insecticide. To prevent these insects from crawling all over your home, spray pesticides on the exterior of your house.


Ladybugs are worldwide acknowledged lucky charms, but if their colonies flood your home, you can consider yourself unlucky. To avoid a ladybug infestation, make sure all window cracks and openings are firmly sealed. Spray insecticides on the point of entry, just in case. Diatomaceous earth can help if the infestation gets out of control; of course, you can just use insecticides, but this is a more natural method.


Aphids are also a major threat in fall, as their predators go dormant, leaving these insects to roam free in your garden. Buy special pest repellants formulated for aphids and spray the affected plants. If you see big clusters of aphids sitting on your plants, you can either manually pluck or hose them off.

Prevention is the best cure, so consider following these tips to stop pests from invading your home:

  • Make sure to use a suitable growing medium for each of your plants.
  • If one of your plants gets infested, quickly isolate it from the rest of your plant collection.
  • Regularly remove weeds around your plants to discourage harmful pests from spreading.
  • Rotate your garden plants every year. This way, you’ll prevent pests and diseases from building up in the soil.
  • Buy only pest-free varieties. If you know that specific pests are inhibiting your area of residence, purchase only resistant plant species.
  • Keep your plants happy and healthy by following their specific care recommendations. Houseplants get attacked by insects when they are weak and stressed out. Healthy plants don’t surrender to pesky intruders so easily!

Maintaining your home and backyard pest-free this fall season is easy if you follow all the necessary preventive measures. We hope that you don’t encounter the pests we’ve mentioned in this article, but if you do, make sure to come back and follow our recommendations.

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