Best Plants to Liven Your Interior Up

Nowadays, more and more people choose to decorate their homes with houseplants. No wonder. Plants possess a number of properties that make them wonderful partners to live with. Don’t think, though, that they are only of interest for their ornamental value. They also help beat stress and anxiety, fight insomnia, clean the air, increase productivity, and treat colds and allergies.

Below you will find a short list of houseplants that will please your eye while at the same time taking care of your health.

Swiss cheese plant

This visual treat of a plant will not demand a lot from you but will satisfy your eye with lush green perforated leaves. With its distinctive appearance, the Swiss cheese plant will make a fantastic statement and fit any space.


Once considered to be a plant for advanced gardeners, best suited to be grown in a greenhouse, the Bromeliad has finally got the attention it has always deserved. Not only is it able to adapt to indoor conditions but also adds some vivid colors to your interior.

Zanzibar gem

This wonderfully-looking plant is valued for being almost indestructible. It will make an ideal houseplant for those who may not be very attentive when it comes to gardening. Zanzibar gem’s deep-green glossy leaves will definitely brighten your space up and will never leave your guests indifferent.

Maidenhair fern

If you have had (and probably killed) this beauty, you know that it is quite a tricky plant to grow. But (oh my god!) how beautiful its delicate, lacy leaves are! Your interior will surely benefit from its gorgeous foliage.

Rubber plant

If you don’t have a lot of room, pay attention to this trendy plant. Don’t repot it into a larger container – and it will not occupy a lot of space. Besides, its shiny glossy leaves look stunning, making this plant a joy to have.

You always wanted to turn your house in a cozy home? Look through the above list one more time – and maybe one of these plants will get you a step closer to your dream.

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