Best-Ever Blooms for Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day when we celebrate the social, cultural, political, and economic achievements of women and express our appreciation and love toward them. The tradition of gifting flowers on this day dates back to 8 March 1946, when feminists in Italy declared the mimosa flower a sign of women’s strength and sensibility.

This article will tell you what different flowers and their color associations mean, to help you choose the best blooms and make March 8 even more special.


The cheerful mimosa is one of the most beautiful trees blossoming in early spring. The bright-yellow color traditionally represents the sun and stands for admiration and kindness. Despite its delicate appearance, the mimosa is a very resilient plant, which is quite symbolic of a strong, independent woman.


A symbol of motherhood, beauty, and passion, vibrant lilies are a beautifully-scented choice for March 8. Red lilies represent love and passion, white ones stand for innocence and purity, and pink petals signify love and admiration. Yellow lilies make great ‘thank you’ flowers, while orange ones represent confidence and energy.

Chinese Peony

The delicate beauty of peonies makes presenting them a subtle way to send a message. Peonies come in a variety of colors and have plenty of meanings. These fluffy blooms symbolize romance, luck, happiness, compassion, honor, and prosperity. If you want a woman to be over the moon on this day, give her a bouquet of peonies.

Transvaal daisy

A bouquet of gerberas will undoubtedly make an ideal gift to brighten up the holiday. These proud and sunny blooms showcase a magnificent array of colors, as well as meanings. Orange gerberas stand for energy, enthusiasm, and warmth. Yellow flowers would be a great choice to express happiness and friendship. Pink indicates grace and gratitude, while red speaks of love and passion. White gerberas signify purity, innocence, and sympathy.


Exuding elegance and charm, tulips will make this holiday bright with their vast variety of color choices. Red tulips declare great, often hidden, love, while yellow ones express joy and happiness. Pink blooms stand for care and affection, white ones signify forgiveness and innocence, and purple petals represent generosity.


Roses are also a top choice for the coming holiday and are an excellent gift for inspirational women in your life. A bouquet of red roses stands for pure love, affection, and passion, while pink roses convey romance. White ones symbolize a pure heart, and bright-yellow roses can be gifted to your friends and colleagues to celebrate your friendship.


Generally, these delightful flowers represent friendship and respect. Red carnations, predictably, express love. White blooms are associated with purity and luck, and pink ones mean fondness and motherly love. Although yellow carnations convey disappointment and rejection, purple flowers indicate capriciousness, condolence, or an apology.

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