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Our Experts

  • Moira Butler 13 years of experience
    As an interior designer, I’ve decided that plants should become my job.
  • Andrea Pearson 21 years of experience
    A house without plants seems empty and uninviting to me.
  • Emily Peterson 7 years of experience
    I dream of teaching Botany to the children at my educational center.
  • Lisa Houston 39 years of experience
    Every living thing deserves to be saved, and that includes plants.
  • Julia Milligan 5 years of experience
    A trip to an orangery made me a plant addict. Now I’m studying to become a MS in Plant Pathology.
  • Olivia Moore 33 years of experience
    My passion for gardening started thanks to my grandfather, who often tried grafting branches from cultivated species to wild trees.
  • Maria Scott 8 years of experience
    Citrus plants are my favorites. It’s quite challenging to make them thrive, but I have a personal approach for each one.
  • Alyssa Hill 9 years of experience
    I'm studying Plant Protection and Pest Management. Combining consulting and studying helps me strive to continue what I’m doing.
  • Mia Sanders 8 years of experience
    My friends often give me their weak plants, which I care for, treat, and love.
  • Mike Richardson 12 years of experience
    It’s always such a pleasure to see that people don’t despair and are ready to do their best to help the plant.
  • Francis Craig 8 years of experience
    My father was a farmer, and he was the one to spark my interest in gardening and agriculture.
  • John Wood 7 years of experience
    I know how to make you the neighbor whose grass is always greener.
  • Andre Turner 5 years of experience
    I started my indoor jungle 10 years of ago and I’ve never felt bored since—there’s always something to water or examine.
  • Genry Fox 12 years of experience
    My collection of succulents includes more than 60 species. Once you start propagating, it’s really hard to stop.
  • Bradley White 10 years of experience
    I’m a biologist who monitors plants in the wild, which helps me learn how to create favorable conditions indoors.
  • Bill Collins 35 years of experience
    I'm a plant disease expert. Apart from consulting, I teach biology at a local school.
  • Brunnhilde Falk 21 years of experience
    I believe that fruit-bearing plants can look just as pretty as the ornamental ones if they are properly cared for.
  • Hermann Brandt 32 years of experience
    My expertise in topiary art will make any garden look fabulous!
  • Arndt Friedrich 14 years of experience
    I'm convinced that any plant disease can be dealt with by using organic remedies.
  • Verónica Galicia 19 years of experience
    The garden I've planted years of ago has become the centerpiece of my estate. I'd love to share my plant-related knowledge!
  • Sofia Fiorentino 11 years of experience
    I love houseplants, but when it comes to gardens, I'm all about those flowering shrubs.
  • Baldassare Donini 12 years of experience
    I love studying plants in their natural habitat.
  • Ito Izanami 6 years of experience
    Plant care is the best meditation. I wouldn't survive in a big city without my green beauties.
  • Anastasia Vasylchyshyna 5 years of experience
    My love for plants started with watching YouTube videos and evolved into working in the field of botany.
  • Julia Omelchenko 5 years of experience
    My childhood dream came true when I became a plant biologist! Currently, I specialize in plant diseases.

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